Five Star Award for Alma Carson -- 2022 - 2023

Five Star Award: The District shall recognize Clubs whose members participate in District affairs by attending District meetings and events.
To be eligible for the award each club should have been represented by at least one member of their club at:

1. Governor Alma's official visit to your division.
2. The Virtual Mid-Year Conference
3. The District Convention In Tucson, AZ
4. International Convention in Minneapolis, MN
5. A Division Council Meeting (DCM) other than the one held during the governor’s visit to their division.

This form should be completed by the Division Lt. Governor.

Thank you for your assistance in ensuring your clubs receive this worthwhile award. Awards will be announced at District Convention.

Submit qualifying Clubs after all events have been held.

Are you the Current or Immediate past Lt. Governor of your Division? *
Submission for the Five Star Award may only be made by the current or Immediate Past Lt. Governor of the Division.
Submissions from anyone other then the Lt. Governor will not be accepted and may disqualify the club from earning awards. The District reserves the right to verify any and all information.
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