The Kiwanis Southwest District Bylaws entitle each chartered club in good standing to three voting delegates and three alternate delegates as representatives at the Kiwanis Southwest District convention. Use this form to register the names of your club’s elected delegates and alternates.

This is not a convention registration form. Delegates and alternates must also complete the convention registration form and submit it with payment to receive voting credentials. Delegates must have paid a convention registration fee in order to received credentials. Bylaws Section VI Section 9: To be accredited, a delegate must have paid a convention registration fee, if such is required.

No delegate will receive voting credentials for any club that has any indebtedness to Kiwanis International or the Southwest District. Please ensure your club’s financial obligations are paid prior to the convention.

If no member of your club is able to attend the convention, you may prearrange to have representation through a
past governor, current, past, or elected, lieutenant governor, or a past district secretary, all residing in your club’s division, or the current district secretary (regardless of location) to represent your club.

Delegates at large need not complete this form unless planning to represent a specific club.
SWD Bylaw Section VI Convention Article 8. All officers, Lieutenant Governors Elect and past Governors of the District who are active members of a club in the district shall be delegates at large to all district conventions.

In case of dispute a copy of your Club's Minutes will be requested by the Executive Director and will establish the voting members for your club. Credentials for disputed delegates will be withheld until the requested Minutes are received and validated.

Complete this form no later than July 24th.

Questions? Contact Southwest District Office toll-free at 888.974.3403 or by e-mail at swd@swdkiwanis.org.

It is the responsibility of the Club Secretary or Assistant Secretary to submit this form, if necessary, the Club President may complete this form. 

If you are not the Club Secretary, Assistant Secretary or Club President it is suggested you do not complete this form. 

If there is any dispute as to who(m) your Club Delegate's is/are a signed copy of the Minutes establishing the name(s) of your Club's Delegate(s) will be required.


Do your Delegate(s) name(s) appear in your Club's Minutes? *
The names of your Delegates do not appear in your Club Minutes or you are not sure if the names appear in your Club's Minutes?

In case of dispute a signed copy of the Minutes establishing your Club's Delegates must be submitted to the Executive Director.

Maybe you should not be completing this form at this time.

Section 6. At any District convention, each club shall be entitled to seat up to three (3) delegates, two (2) of whom should be the club president and president-designate, as well as nominate three alternates who may serve if any delegate is absent. Club delegates and alternates shall be active members of the clubs they represent. However, the Lieutenant Governor or a past Lieutenant Governor may represent any club in their division not otherwise represented by three delegates. Delegates shall be elected by each club prior to the convention and certified to the district by the club president and secretary. A current or past Lieutenant Governor representing a club may be certified by the Credentials Committee or its designee.