Expense Report

Expense Report


Submit expense reports within 10 days of a district event. Please submit a separate report for EACH specific event or expense account.

Expense reports for events are to be submitted within 10 days after the end of the event.

Expense reports for a position (e.g., Lt. Governor, Committee Chair, etc.) may be submitted quarterly, although a monthly report is preferred.

Year-end (September 30th) expense reports must be submitted before the 20th of September to be honored.

Attendance at board meetings is required in order to request reimbursement at district events. If you do not sign in at the board meeting your request reimbursement will be returned.

Reimbursement for travel/expenses within the division require lieutenant governor reports to be up to date.

All expenses require receipts attached to the expense report except mileage. Mileage Allowance $0.14 per mile

Entertainment receipts require additional documentation as to whom and why. Entertainment expenses will be closely scrutinized. Please be careful. They may be disallowed.

Your reimbursement for expenses submitted to the District might be less than reported / requested. The Annual District budget and District Board of Trustees control the amount available for expenses and line items have an individual cap.

No expense allowances will be paid without a properly submitted, signed and dated expense report.


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Please be aware that there are budget limits which may limit the amount of your reimbursement and you may receive less than your full request.

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