Project Brag & Insurance
Project Brag

Essentially, I need your help.
The task is to gather information on current projects in each District. By current, I mean anything that presently has the Kiwanis name on it. For example:

If there is a bench/building/etc. with the Kiwanis name on it, that is current. If it is a fundraiser or service project that is happening now or will happen in the future, that is current.

Not Current:
However, if it is a bench/building/etc. that used to have Kiwanis on it, but no longer does, then it is not current. Similarly, if it is a fundraiser or service project that has already happened, then it is not current.

I want to stress that the point of this is not to be Big Brother or to make your lives harder. We are asking for your help, because we cannot accomplish our purposes without you. Our purposes are two-fold:

To identify all the good that Kiwanis is doing.
As we identify these projects, each District will be able to create a brag sheet demonstrating their success; and
Kiwanis International can create a map showing all the areas where Kiwanis has benefited the community.
To improve our liability protection through proper diligence and education.

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